More fun news from the lab

Special day: 26/08/2022

Aisling and Chiara have successfully defended their thesis in their final PhD examination- both at the same time!!! Celebrations followed!

In the pics 1) Chiara  togher with her examiners Dr Veronique Smits and  Dr Muriel Grenon and 2) Aisling with her examiners Dr Raimundo Freire and Dr Maria Tuohy.


Anja and Corrado presented some of our research at the 2nd Arturo Falaschi Conference – “At the intersection of DNA Replication and genome maintenance: from mechanisms to therapy” held in Trieste 5-7 July 2022.

Here we met colleagues, friends, competitors and also former lab member Matteo Ferrari, now postdoctoral researcher at the Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer Center, NY.

In the pic Anja updating Matteo on our progress in understanding the reciprocal functions of DBF4 and DRF1, the two regulatory subunits of CDC7 kinase.  more about the conference at Instagram: @icgeb_official / Facebook: @ICGEBOfficial /Twitter: @ICGEB).

We are back in the lab with undergraduate research projects, and very happy to have Cillian Mc Carty and Niamh Moore to work with us!

Who ever said that cloning is straightforward??? 


Oct 21st 2020: Aisling and Mike presented our work at the SYNTRAIN International Conference on Genomic Instability in Cancer: from tumour evolution to novel cures. As the conference was held online we experienced for the first time a remote poster presentations: these were well attended and we received a very good feedback from the audience!

Sept 2nd  2020: Dr Rainey features in a NUIG press release related to the work just published in Cell Reports.

Finally, after endless hours of work calls being interrupted by the kids trying to entertain themselves during quarantine, there was some return to normality. The lab reconvened on  June 6th for the first time to catch up on some much needed lab work.


Due to COVID19 our lab meetings and weekly Friday evenings at the College Bar were replaced by Zoom meetings… not quite the same level of fun!

Our latest research was published in EMBO Reports. This research detailed how CDC7 kinase promotes MRE11 fork processing, modulating fork speed and chromosomal breakage. To read more about our exciting research you can click the following link.


Rachel PhDGalway, December 6th 2019: After a grilling viva, Rachel overcame those sticky questions to be awarded her PhD! The lab had previously shown that the deubiquitinase USP9X plays an important role in maintaining genome stability through the stabilisation of the replication protein CLASPIN .  Rachel’s  PhD work then identified an additional mechanism by which USP9X prevents DNA damage. Her research showed that USP9x controls BRCA1 and Rad51 expression  levels, and its inhibition negatively affects homologous recombination DNA repair.